Interesting 60 seconds Tech primers from Women Matchmakers.


Interesting 60 seconds primers on topics, technologies and skills from Women Matchmakers.  If you are wondering what all these technologies means and you have no time to sit down and read about them, these 60 seconds primers are ideal to have a quick deep. If you find anything interesting and wishes to find out more, you have links to further information on each topic.

I really like the idea and hope to make it a go to channel this year to learn and follow up on Technology topics I am interested in, how about your?


WordPress and types of websites you can create

In the last post on what you need to build a website , I listed WordPress as the most popular CMS (Content Management System) on the Internet with 33.8% usage and 60.6% market share. In this post, I will go into the types of websites you can create with WordPress. Before then, let’s look into what WordPress is and how it came about.

WordPress is a software that powers about 34% of websites on the internet, it was designed to make it easy and straightforward for anyone to publish online contents. It focus on accessibility, performance, security and ease of use with great features and extensions for just about whatever you need your website to do. WordPress was created as an open-source software in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, a fork from the original blog platform b2/cafelog, which was created by Michel Valdrighi. WordPress started out as a blogging platform and it has since evolved over the years into a fully-pledged CMS that powers just about any type of website.

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What you need to build a website

What you need to build a website
What you need to build a website.

Gone are the days when having a website is the preserve of big Institutions and Businesses. These days, almost everyone online wants to have a website in order to create a home on the Internet for their Businesses, ideas or projects to create awareness and reach wider audience beyond their current reach. By so doing, Businesses can generate more income from wider customer reach, ideas can be shared, transformed and enriched with greater connections and projects can become businesses through awareness, connections and reach to a wider audience far beyond what can be reached ordinarily.

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How to create sub-domain from your website domain

If you have ever wondered what a sub-domain is, what you can do with one and how you can create one, then this blog post is for you.  The previous blog post  shows you how to create your Business or Professional e-mail from your domain name. This post will show you how to create a sub-domain from your website domain name. You can also watch the video to this post on our Youtube Channel or scroll down the end of this post to watch.


Sub-domains allow you to have a new web address for separate areas of your website, with sub-domain, you can host multiple and related websites under the same domain name and your hosting package without having to make a new or different purchase.

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Points from the TEF Q&A Session with President Macron

Last week Wednesday on 4th of July, I was privileged to attend by invitation as a TEF Alumni, the interactive questions and answers session organised by the Tony Elumelu Foundation with President Macron of France.

Mr Tony Elumelu, the President of Tony Elumelu Foundation introduced President Macron as someone who has lived and worked in Nigeria in the past and hence not a stranger to the Country. The president is also very versed in Entrepreneurship and familiar with all the challenges and aspirations of Entrepreneurs and he has been working to support Entrepreneurship both in his Country France and in Africa.

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Campus Representatives…

Webhostville Services is currently recruiting for Representatives from 5 different Universities or Polytechnics in Nigeria. If you are already proficient in using web hosting, get a free 5GB hosting and Domain name for your next project in return for promoting our services at your Campus to your fellow students and staff alike. Interested? complete the form below before Wednesday, 25/07/2018.

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