Points from the TEF Q&A Session with President Macron

Last week Wednesday on 4th of July, I was privileged to attend by invitation as a TEF Alumni, the interactive questions and answers session organised by the Tony Elumelu Foundation with President Macron of France.

Mr Tony Elumelu, the President of Tony Elumelu Foundation introduced President Macron as someone who has lived and worked in Nigeria in the past and hence not a stranger to the Country. The president is also very versed in Entrepreneurship and familiar with all the challenges and aspirations of Entrepreneurs and he has been working to support Entrepreneurship both in his Country France and in Africa.

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Campus Representatives…

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Working solutions to the E-learning challenges – 3 of 4

e-learning photo

Despite all the above problems, it is not all doom and gloom for E-learning in the Country because where this is a problem, there is always a solution or several solutions. Many Institutions are finding way round the problems and are successfully using E-learning to enhance and transform their Education provisions in new and innovative ways all-over the country. Most importantly Education Technology is not at a standstill, the speed of growth in Edtech is not stopping and the evolution and growth in this sector comes with newer solutions to existing and evolving problems.

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Major challenges in the implementation of E-learning – 2 of 4

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Here are some of the major challenges facing the implementation of E-learning in Nigerian Institutions.

1. Limited awareness of technology and its implementation in Education.

One might be surprised that there is still ignorance abound regarding Education Technology within lauded Institutions. There is no doubt E-learning is everywhere especially with Mobile accessibility these days, Mooc Platforms and Khan Academy to name just a few. The fact is, having one implemented successfully and continuous managed within an Institution could be seen as far-fetched due to various connected reasons.

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E-learning in Nigerian Institutions – 1 of 4

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There is no doubt that E-learning has changed the process of teaching and learning within our Education system over the years, even if it is in a small way. Some Institutions have adopted E-learning as part of their education offerings while some are looking into how they can adopt E-learning. Majority of the Education Institutions adopting E-learning are using it as an additional offering not a replacement. Hence, in most Education Institutions, it will be agreed that the mode of E-learning in operation is blended-learning, which is a classroom based education system enhanced with online learning that brings about dynamic and a more engaging teaching and learning process, which is in-line with what is operational in other countries world-wide.

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Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

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I read this article on Leadership and Emotional Intelligence titled: “None of Us Are Rational, So Smart Leadership Means Learning to Deal With Emotions“. I would like to share the points I took from the article here. Emotional intelligence is a key skill for Leadership but quite difficult to acquire, we have to learn it mindfully and deliberately. I believe EQ is not only for Leadership but crucial in every human relationship, close or far, formal or informal.

I share other links within the article at the end of the points. And there is also a link to Ekman’s atlas of emotions. It maps out all the different emotions we feel, five in number, their triggers and responses. This helps in the process of being emotionally aware and being able to control our emotions and our responses. I find it very intriguing, maybe you would too.

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Education Technology shaping the education sector

As Technology evolves so does the various way we use it in education and adapt it to better deliver quality education in our schools and learning Institutions. Fascinating to know that adaptive learning or personalised learning will shape the future of learning, where students learns according to their level and ability, get support and make progress accordingly.

In Learning Analytics, students performance and progress can be tracked easily and early intervention can be made where students are not making the most of their learning opportunities. In fact, many assumptions and prediction about students outcome which could sometimes be wrong can now be validated with real data.

Virtual/Augmented reality in education is already a fact and will continue to be developed for the future of learning.  Check this out, real uses of VR in education

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At the TEF Forum in October 2017

TEF Forum 2017

It was a real privilege to be at the TEF Forum that took place in October, an exhilarating experience to say the least for someone who is not very outgoing, I stepped out of myself and I was someone completely different, taking it all in, mixing and getting to know new people and their Businesses, swapping cards and all. Bless the day I decided to apply for the TEF programme and I am grateful to Almighty Allah, without Whom nothing is possible for making me persist on it despite all the obstacles on my path. I learnt a great deal from the forum and I got to see this Country of ours in a different light. From where I am standing, I have very deep reservations for everything about this country for as long as I can remember but my experience at the forum and the TEF programme as a whole is helping me to see things a bit differently, one issue at a time.

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A.Y.E Entrepreneurship Reality TV Show Now On

Nigeria needs to empower the younger generation to be more creative, resourceful and entrepreneurial, in order for the nation to grow beyond where it is today. There are many initiatives all over the Country addressing this issue and Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs is one of the highly placed organisations doing so. Their mission to empower young Entrepreneurs to network socially and financially not just in Nigeria but all over Africa is very important and much needed to close the gaps between those that have the opportunities and the means and those that does not.

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