Some of the projects we are working on at Webhostville are highly commended by our clients for being innovative and contributing to the drive to make eLearning accessible in Education and Training Institutions as well as for Individual Educators and Businesses. The outcome we envisage from our various projects include:

  1. Transformation and enhancement of teaching and learning process with the 21st Century Education Technology.
  2. Widening participation in the online teaching and learning ecosystem, far and wide without the barrier associated with cost and distance.
  3. Accessibility with any Internet-enabled device.
  4. Bridging the education and digital divide between those who have the means and access and those with none.
  5. Encouraging diversification and flexibility in teaching and learning modes, which could be instructor-led, self-paced, blended or entirely online.
  6. Contributing to the means of meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4 to ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.
  7. Contributing to the means by which we hope to prepare for the future of teaching and learning, work and employment as well as entrepreneurship to meet and overcome the challenges ahead for our social-economic growth and development.

Contact us, If you share our vision and would like to take the next step to transform to eLearning. We will implement your eLearning platform for you, train and support you to make the most of it.

Our projects are:

TeachLearn Online: A space for users to Teach and Learn online beyond the classroom, without limitations in time, space and resources. A means to bridge the education divide, extend access and provide inclusive Education for all.

CuabLearning: A private University completed eLearning platform to enhance their teaching and learning process.

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